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August 14, 2020
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Platform Cares

Platform Cares is committed to attending to the neglected issues in our societies that have overtime, eroded our sense of identity. By promoting social cohesion, focusing more on creating opportunities and innovation, it aims to attract global recognition and patronage necessary for sociocultural and socioeconomic advancement in the lives of the people.

The Founder

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Steve Saint John Omeiza

Founder And Chairman - The Platform

Born and raised in Nigeria, and he moved into South Africa in March 2009. Darlington Steve Saint John is a philanthropist, businessman, media practitioner, a husband and a Pastor.

As a philanthropist, he is the chairman and founder of the Platform Cares and Platform Church – a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the lives of all Africans, through promoting social cohesion, equal opportunities and integrating Africa.

The goal is to integrate all Africans so to be one, while also equipping them with skills that will ensure that they become economically healthy in a well-balanced society.

As a media practitioner he is the founder of DS Dexterity International PTY Ltd, Darlington’s love for media resulted in the birth of Dexterity Radio (Station est. – 2014), which is all about informing Africa and telling our own African story.

It’s through DSF now Platform Cares that Darlington Steve has recently afforded a number of individuals free practical radio training at Dexterity Radio (Training continues to date), and other various vocational training.

Darlington Steve also pushes thinking and opportunity outside of South Africa. With his vision of integrating Africa being at the centre of most, if not all of Darlington’s endeavours, he has ensured that Dexterity Radio set the tone of giving a voice to Africans across the continent and beyond. Under the leadership Darlington Steve, Dexterity Radio’s listenership has reached a staggering 3,7 million and is still growing strong.

Mr Darlington Steve Omeiza is undoubtedly a visionary leader – he simply is unable to think small. With high levels of imagination, insight and boldness accompanied with a borderless thinking, whatever he touches is bound to stand out. His work ethic combined with the fact that he’s a believer in Jesus Christ, enables him to work with the power of intentionality in alignment of a higher purpose.

His other business ventures such as the Dexterity Radio, Platform Centre – but to name a few, are clear indications that Darlington is a social innovator and change agent. In fulfilling his part of curbing prevalent societal issues in our continent, Darlington continually searches for solutions that transcend the usual adversarial approaches through all medium available to him.

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